Forsyth Second Baptist Church v. Hester

At my clients’ request, I’m sharing documents relating to Forsyth Second Baptist Church et al. v. John Hester et al., an action pending in Monroe County Superior Court. This is not the complete file. This matter is set for hearing on … Continued

HB 256 Would Roll Back 2016 Sovereign Immunity Decision

A bill in the Georgia General Assembly would effectively undo the Georgia Supreme Court’s decision in Rivera v. Washington, 298 Ga. 770 (2016). House Bill 256 would amend OCGA § 5-6-34(a) to allow direct appeal, as a matter of right, from: [a]ll judgments, … Continued

2017 Updates to the Rules of the Georgia Court of Appeals

Effective January 1, 2017, the Georgia Court of Appeals adopted substantial revisions to its rules. This post highlights some of the more important new rules. The Court’s own summary of the rule changes is available here. Maybe the biggest change … Continued

Developments in Georgia appellate jurisdiction

Back in October I wrote about the potential realignment of the Georgia appellate courts’ jurisdiction. In January, the Governor’s Appellate Jurisdiction Review Commission released its report. And yesterday, a bill was introduced in the General Assembly, HB 927, that would enact changes … Continued

“The General Grounds” for a New Trial in Georgia

Under Georgia law, a trial judge may grant a new trial when the verdict is “contrary to evidence and the principles of justice and equity,” OCGA § 5-5-20, or “decidedly and strongly against the weight of the evidence even though there … Continued